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The manufacturers of your CPAP supplies recommend washing them with warm, soapy water and drying them. That’s it. Let the Hurricane take care of the drying in a quick manner while keeping your supplies covered all day.

No O-Zone.   No Ultraviolet Light.   100% Safe.


Introducing the Hurricane CPAP Equipment Dryer

Gentle, static warm air dryer for CPAP and related sleep testing supplies; masks, pillows, headgears, hoses, humidifier chambers, respiratory belts, EEG nets, rewashable CPAP/BILEVEL machine filters.

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GOLD Standard

Our product uses the current GOLD Standard of cleansing, which is wash & dry. That means no ozone chemicals near your equipment!


The Hurricane's compact design allows for easy use and storage for any user.

Patent Approved

Our patented system will leave your equipment dry and ready to use in an hour or less.


With 3 timer settings, automatic shut-off, and temperature control, you'll enjoy a streamlined experience with our product.

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Official Hurricane Instruction Manual